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Kate's Weblog (Online Diary)
About Me
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Who I am?

I am female but I guess you know that by the name of my Blog.  I live in Australia and I am a traveller of the earth.   My interests are many and varied.  I have a strong relationship with all things spiritual and I am most certainly fortunate in the fact that I am an 'earth spirit'. 




My info

I'll post all the basic information about me that I'm comfortable sharing, including things like my background and location.

About this blog

Here I'll describe why I started this blog and describe the topics I'm primarily interested in covering in it.

Chinese Temple

This Chinese Temple represents my interest is Asian culture or belief..

It is the the responsibility of all of us to protect the earth and all life forms who inhabit her. To question all things and accept nothing at face value. Trust in your inner voice.
If I can prompt one person to think about the impact they make, then I have done my job...