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Celtic Mists

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The following poem was written by Caitlin, my niece, on the death of her great Grandfather to whom she was very close.   Poppy adored Caitlin, she was clearly the 'apple of his eye'.   Caitlin wrote this on the way home after her adored Poppy's funeral.   Caitlin was only 9-years old.  She is a gifted child, with a truly beautiful soul.


I wish I could go to a faraway land, where the sun is always shining and the rain never comes. 

To a place lace, where we can both live-forever.

To a place where we are always happy, but now that you are gone,

I really wish there is a place like that for you.

I need you, I want you!

But now that you are so faraway, I can't reach you any more.

So I have to put you in my memory, for the rest of my life.

Your heart was huge you always cared

You were kind and I don't want to let go of you but I have to.

I have to move on and to keep you in my heart forever.


Written by Caitlin Day - 14/10/2003


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