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Celtic Mists

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I write from the heart.  My poems and stories are about events that have an impact on my life and this is my way of expressing how I feel abouts things.....

Not Alone!!  

She sits on a bench; she is alone in this world,
Life has dealt her harsh lessons.
Her clothes are rags her hair is matted;
She carries her possessions in a plastic bag.

She was once beautiful, life held many exciting challenges,
She was wanted and needed and loved.
She was not to know that life could be so cruel,
that her world could turn upside down without warning.

Many rush past with nary a glance, absorbed in their worlds,
they have little time to reflect and ponder.
They have business to attend to they have family to care for;
She has none of these things.

Some stop and snigger point and laugh, she maintains her dignity.
She knows that her true friends are the trees, the animals that scurry around her feet.
For they do not ignore her, they do not mock her, they accept her for what she is.
They love her and they need her.

Her spirit soars…for she is not alone.

Copyright Salama Shaquana

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